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   Fushun Oriental Carbon Co.,Ltd was established in 2006,which situated ln Fushun Lanshan Industrial Park.It is the professional enterprise that integrates manufacture, fabrication,and management.
   The legal body of the enterprise is Chen Gang,and the registered capital is RMB 46 million.It occupies 86670m2,has 312 staff andworkers.Among them,the management person and the technical person are up to 67.The annual production capacity is 20000t.Up to now,our company has two calcinators,a dosing workshop,an exkusion workshop,two ring-type calcinators,an impregnation workshop,and a machining workshop.It has precise produdion ……

Respected customers and friends:
  The enterprise is young,mature,moderate,and full of energy through the development of a couple of years.We take all the achievements that we gained as a brand new start point.The spirit of our company is“aiming to globalization,succeeding in reputation,attaching importance to innovation,and thinking highly of administration.”The principle of the enterprise is honesty,harmony,and win—win.We will devote our enthusiasm to the creation and the energetic management.we will improve……
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